For our Foreign Friends
London 10-12-2017

Are you English? Spanish? Chinese or perhaps Brasilian? It doesn’t matter where you come from or what your native language is as long as you are passionate about Italian culture and want to promote cross-cultural initiatives that will bring your culture and the Italian one closer than ever. This can be expressed in any form: arts, music, cuisine or even social events! Do you wish to know more about an Italian writer? Or want to suggest an art exhibition from an artist of your Country which you believe who be of a particular interest to Italians living in London? Or you fancy a Japanese-Italian Aperitif (in fact, any combination of Aperitif from any nations) where the Italian style mixes seamlessly with sushi, martini and sake?

Let us have your suggestions by writing to this email HERE, and – depending on the subject – we will route them to the appropriate Italian channels or take ownership ourselves.

Remember, there is no limit to your ideas, as long as you are based in London and are willing to promote cross-borders communication between Italian and other cultures. The International Team of Italians Of London Click HERE to get back to the homepage