Aperitif in the City ... Spritz and Pizza Galore!
Pizza Rossa, 4-12 Whittington Ave, EC3V 1AB 23-09-2016

Yes! After the brilliant success of our last event at "Pizza Rossa" back in April and during EURO 2016, get ready Friday 23 September for yet another edition : bigger, larger, tastier! :-)

Be prepared to enjoy some of Italy most traditional ingredients, served on gourmet pizza “al taglio”. Just to give you an idea of what is in store, here are some of the types of Pizza which will offered at this event :

- Margherita (v)
- Vegan (v)
- Four Seasons (v)
- Buffalo Mozzarella and Cherry Tomatoes
- Ham and Parmesan Cheese
- Ham and Mushrooms
- Salami
- Jalapeños and Pepperoni (salsiccia siciliana)
- Chicken

... and Pasta including :

- Arrabbiata (v)
- Bolognese
- Lasagne

... and much more which will be pure joy for your tasting buds.

For this occasion we have arranged for a special deal : endless stream of pizza and pasta all night long + a Spritz or soft drink for just 10 pounds!

If you are ready to discover why Spritz and Negroni sbagliato are the perfect companions to this gastronomic experience, make sure you join us and extend the invite to all your friends!

No need to add more : mark the 15th of July on you diary and get ready for a truly unique experience.

To confirm attendance to the night, please login-in first and then click below

Happy Spritz-Pizza Celebration !


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